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YM Team



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YOU!  Thanks for joining us!


Worship Team:

Chad Kreinus:  kreicm23@uwgb.edu

Jen Sherwood:

Johanna Lee

Laurie Heer:  heerflute@wi.rr.com


MYM:   6-8th Grade:

Colleen Raupp:c_r.raupp@uwalumni.com

Dave Kusik:  djkusik@yahoo.com


9th grade:


Devan Gracyalny:  dgracyalny@sbcglobal.net

Elaine Schrader:  5schradere@gmail.com



10th Grade Coaches:

Nick Balduccingbalducci@sbcgloabl.net

YOU?  Nick needs an assistant coach


11th Grade Coaches:

Peter Glynn: pglynn@sbcglobal.com

Terry Horvat: h2361@sbcglobal.net



Sub:  Sue Harrits: sueharrits@sbcglobal.net



Coordinator of  Youth Ministry

Linda Koch: lkoch@bizwi.rr.com 414-322-3917




What's going on in HYM?
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